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Emergency Flood & Water Removal & Restoration

Why should you choose J&S Carpet Cleaning?

At J&S Carpet Cleaning, our professional Water Damage Service Team is experienced, trained and certified by the IICRC (International Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certification).. We are recommended by insurance companies, plumbers and property managers. We have assisted in hundreds of water damage emergencies for both residential and commercial clients. In most cases, we can respond within the hour and our commitment to providing caring, outstanding customer service continues to bring in testimonials such as these:

“You saved our basement & our carpeting. Your employees are knowledgeable, courteous & go the extra mile to protect our home from possible damage from hoses and equipment. Thanks a ton!” - Jarrod, Waukesha

“Thanks! ... You once again saved my basement.“ - Mark, Bayside

“Great people and very understanding in a difficult time.” - Julie, Wauwatosa

“You are always there in an emergency to help quickly. You treat our home as if it were your own. Thanks J&S!" - Doug. Waukesha

J&S Carpet Cleaning offers 24 Hr. Emergency responses to:
  • Water Removal and Restoration Services
  • Sewage Extraction
  • Mold Remediation- with an affiliate Co.

We respond to your Emergency Immediately!

J&S Carpet Cleaning offers many years of experience with our Staff Our Mission is “Responding Immediately to our customer’s emergency, Quality & Expertise in our field, and going above and beyond to restore our customer’s loss as quickly as possible."

As professionals in this field, we need to respond quickly to your loss to minimize your damage. We cannot stress this fact enough. The longer the moisture remains in your home or business, chances increase dramatically that secondary damage such as Microbial Activity will occur.

We use Moisture detecting devices such as:
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras,
  • Penetrating Probes and
  • Non–Penetrating probes
These devices are used to detect where the water has traveled because water always takes the path of least resistance.

We want to be able to test if the moisture has wicked up your walls or gone under your baseboards etc. It is very important that hidden water be discovered and dried thoroughly. These areas are very important to make sure they are not wet. Dark and damp areas run the risk of microbial growth, odor, and risk to your health.

Hardwood Floors- We have state of the art equipment to dry your hardwood floor. Time is crucial. If you have had a water loss in your home, we will inspect your hardwood flooring, and take the steps necessary to save your floor.

Safety Steps. When you have a water emergency
Below are some safety steps you can follow to minimize your loss:
  1. Do not enter the area that has standing water due to electrical shock hazard
  2. Turn off circuit breakers to the area affected
  3. Turn off the water source if possible
  4. If repair is needed for a leak or what ever the source of the water was, call a professional
  5. Call professional Water Restoration Company such as Chris’ Carpet Service
  6. Remove small articles that are on wet surfaces and be careful where you are placing them, they are most likely wet.
  7. Remove personal items such as; shoes, toys, paper item, etc.
  8. Place plastic wrap or foil under furniture legs that are on wet surfaces that cannot be moved.
  9. Remove any breakables from the effected area such as; china in a china, collectibles, etc.
  10. Draperies- In the event your draperies get wet, take a clothes hanger, put the bottom of the draperies through the hanger and hang the hanger on the rod. Furniture skirts can be pinned up
  11. Keep children and pets from the effected area
Time is a very important factor. The quicker we can start the drying process, the less damage. Secondary damage such as microbial growth, and odor can happen very quickly. This is a Health Risk to you. J&S Carpet Cleaning and our staff will walk you through the complete process. We know it is very stressful. We are here to guide through every step and to get your home or business to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible!

We will help you with your insurance such as filing a claim if assistance is needed. We work with all Insurance Companies and are familiar with the necessary steps while filing a claim.

Sewage Backflow

Sewage backflows are a Health Threat to all who are in the home or business. Our recommendation is to call a professional to handle this serious situation. Then all are advised to vacate the premises. Go to a family or friend's home or a hotel.

This hazardous situation can affect all persons, especially
     »Small Children
     »Immune Compromised
     »Repertory Compromised

Examples of some of the Health Hazards
  • Hepatitis A
  • Salmonella
  • Bacteria
  • And more...
When a sewage backflow occurs it most definitely needs to be handled by a trained certified professional.


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Questions and Misconceptions
we hear often:

Q:Can't I replace my carpet for that cost?
A:Carpet dries very rapidly with the proper equipment. It is your structure we are most concerned with such as; walls, baseboards, areas that are not seen.

Q:It is just a little water, won't it dry?
A:It will dry, but the time it takes to dry dark hidden areas, you may have microbial growth and odor occur. Cost get substantially higher if this occurs. Microbial growth can be dangerous to your health- especially children, elderly and those with immune and repertory problems.

Q:Can you just remove the water? That is all I want done.
A:We cannot just remove the water for you. J&S Carpet Cleaning is trained and certified by the IICRC and we follow the S-500 standards for our industry. We cannot do a job partially, that puts you and us at risk!

Q:Can I just put some fans on the carpet?
A:Fans are not enough! We use commercial Dehumidifiers to draw moisture, along with some of the equipment listed below. Each water loss is different, so we determine what equipment is necessary once we look at each loss.

Equipment we use:
  • Turbo Fans
  • Axial Fans
  • Air Scrubbers- cleans the air
  • Wall Injector Systems
  • Hardwood Drying Systems
  • Thermal Heat – E Tess
  • Dehumidifier
We care about your family! All of our staff has been trained by the IICRC. We know what has to take place to protect your family and home or business.
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